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EN 1621: Motorcyclists’ protective clothing against

mechanical impact

Part 1: Requirements and test methods for impact protectors

Part 2: Motorcyclists’ back protectors – Requirements

and test methods

Part 3: Motorcyclists’ chest protectors- Requirements and test methods

Part 4:Motorcyclists inflatable protector;

EN 13594: Protective gloves for professional motorcycle

riders – Requirements and test methods

EN 14021: Stone shields for off-road motorcycling

suited to protect riders against stones and debris – Requirements

and test methods

EN 13595: Protective clothing for professional riders –

Jackets, trousers and one piece or divided suits

EN 17092 Protective garment for motorcycle riders

Part 1: Test methods

Part 2: Class AAA garment requirements

Part 3: Class AA garment requirements

Part 4: Class A garment requirements

Part 5: Class B garment requirements

Part 6: Class C garment requirements