Dolomiticert is a reference partner for firms and project leaders in cross-border cooperation and international research projects.

The firm’s innovation area monitors and selects tenders and sets up reference hubs involving firms, universities and prestigious research centres, managing projects in their entirety and publicising the results.


With its wide-ranging personal protective equipment scope covering all work and sports body protection spheres, Dolomiticert is a reference point for Sportsystem firms and represents the Rete Innovativa Regionale del Veneto known as Safety and Protection at Work and in Sport, regulated by regional law 13/2014. The vast scope of its work means that monitoring the legal framework regulating the individual sectors it works in constantly is vital to Dolomiticert’s work, and this enables it to bring up critical issues found on the ground in the UNI, CEN and ISO working groups in which the firm plays a front rank part in formulating and upgrading existing standards via its experts.


The Rete Innovativa Regionale – Regional Innovation Network – is an coalition of firms and public and private sector bodies working in innovative ways in all sectors and capable of developing initiatives and projects relevant to the regional economy not necessarily limited to a specific production sphere but open to multi-sectorial working with a Veneto-region-wide mission.


Active projects

Programma Operativo Regionale (POR) – Regional Operational Programme – is a tool by which the Veneto Region uses funds made available by the European Union, the state and the region itself to develop a social and economic growth plan in the industrial development, digital agenda, environment and innovation sectors.

Interreg is a key European Union tool supporting cross-border cooperation projects with funding. Its purpose is to take on common challenges and find shared solutions in sectors such as health, environment, research, education, transport, sustainable energy and a great deal more.